We’ve started a hedging and shrub nursery!

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We're collecting/accepting donations of unwanted shrubs and hedging materials - particularly saplings - that we're going to eventually sell or give away for a donation. The reason we're doing this is that a lot of commercial hedging, although promoted as native, is actually brought in from Holland. Our work includes being asked to create wildlife friendly [...]

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Seed Saving Workshop

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On Sunday we ran our first seed saving workshop as part of the new Stroud Community Seed Bank, and we were delighted to find we’ve recruited a bunch of really lovely, enthusiastic people keen to become our first ‘seed guardians’. From complete beginners to those with several years experience, we were all able to learn and [...]

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Stroud Potato Day 2016

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Potato Day 2016 was an even bigger success than the year before! In spite of the bad weather we had lots of interest and raised over £270 profit for Transition Stroud and Down to Earth. But more importantly we had many great conversations and heard from folk who have been inspired to grow more of their food [...]

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Fruit Tree Sale at the Farmers’ Market Saturday 16th January

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We are coming to the Farmers' Market this Saturday the 16th with a whole range of fruit trees and shrubs available. With the ususal apple, pear, quince, cherry, nectarines, plum, damson, gage, peach, apricot, and the unusual ones, such as medlar and mulberry this year. Plus loganberry, jostaberry, blueberry, raspberry, tayberry, blackcurrant, redcurrant and whitecurrant bushes [...]

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A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Down to Earth

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We hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas break and enjoyed celebrating the new year. At Down to Earth we always have a Christmas meal together and this year we met at the Selsley community growing scheme for a 'bring and share' Christmas meal. Quite a few volunteers braved the cold and wet to share a meal. [...]

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Selsley Summer

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We've been neglecting Selsley on this blog for a long time, but certainly not in the field! There's a lot been going on this summer thanks to our committed regular volunteers: Finally, we installed guttering onto the polytunnel so the rainwater in our container gets refreshed regularly now.  The frogs really appreciate it too! Our new [...]

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Potato Day Update

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Remember our Potato Day back in February? The event didn't just help raise much-needed funds for Transition Stroud and Down to Earth Stroud but the leftover seed potatoes were donated (and kindly delivered by Amanda Godber) to two of the Councils' Sheltered Housing Schemes for their residents to grow. Below: Berkeley scheme manager Rebecca Woodward with [...]

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Potato Day Success!

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Our Potato Day went down another success this year thanks to our volunteers, helpers and of course our customers! We had another great selection of mouth-watering varieties, Charlotte, Pink Fir Apple and Sarpo Mira being the most popular this year, selling out even before Norah's delicious potato cakes went! Here's a short video of the day [...]

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Happy New Year from Down to Earth!

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It might be all quiet in the garden but we are busy preparing for our upcoming events in February! We'll be holding our annual Stroud Potato Day on the 7th February at the Merrywalks Shopping Centre. For details check our blog dedicated to the event: and for even more info: Pop by to get [...]

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Potato Harvest 2013

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Written by Fred When Amanda suggested growing potatoes and selling them, in a potato club, I had no idea we would have such a successful crop. Potatoes are an amazing gift from nature to us, bred over the millennia in the Andes by south American peoples, and then here. Packed with energy and goodness, a crop which stores well for [...]

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