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Pollinators for Vegetable Growers

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Are flowers growing in amongst your vegetable crops beneficial to crop production and seed saving? A row of blooms will attract many pollinating insects throughout the growing season. By sowing hardy annual flower seeds during the autumn and spring, it is quite possible to have a long succession of attractive colour both for the insects and [...]

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Down to Earth Stroud Newsletter 2016

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Welcome to the Down to Earth Stroud newsletter for 2016. We had another very busy year with the launch of two fantastic new projects plus the growth and development of several others. Here’s a brief summary of some of our key moments and achievements from 2016. Please see our website for more details and photos and [...]

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Seed Bank seed available now!

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Packets of seeds were flying off our stall at Stroud Farmers' market on Saturday as the Stroud Community Seed Bank launched its first ever catalogue. We were proud to be able to share our very first year of harvest, and delighted to see such a high level of interest in our seeds and the seed bank. [...]

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Seed Saving Workshop

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On Sunday we ran our first seed saving workshop as part of the new Stroud Community Seed Bank, and we were delighted to find we’ve recruited a bunch of really lovely, enthusiastic people keen to become our first ‘seed guardians’. From complete beginners to those with several years experience, we were all able to learn and [...]

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