We are delighted to offer an opportunity to contribute to the work we do with a Friend membership.

Gardening tools

Tools in the Cinderford shed

Could you offer regular, monthly support with a Friends membership?

If you could pay a regular amount to our organisation it would be a huge help. As a not for profit organisation we always need help to fund the core costs – things like project staff, equipment and awareness raising. By offering your help you can help make our mission a reality. Help us work with the local community to:

  • Develop new skills and understanding about healthy food
  • Increase access to, and availability of fresh, nutritious and organic, healthy food
  • Reduce food miles and the associated fossil fuel impacts – doing Environmental good
  • Promote best practice in relation to biodiversity and natural balance

    Polytunnel building at the Vale Hospital

    Polytunnel at the Vale Hospital

Although the environmental issues are large, working on a local, community scale makes things achievable. It benefits local people and, when combined with other local community efforts, it will contribute to tackling the seemingly enormous environmental issues we all face. Your support can make a real difference to local community, wildlife and the environment in a way that benefits us all.

Members typically pay £3, £5 or £10 per month. The amount is up to you. Benefits include helping to restore the natural, environmental balance. Securing our future and developing our reach. Option to attend a project each year to see what we do and how it helps. If you would rather make a one-off donation then please follow this link to go to our secure donation page:https://www.downtoearthstroud.co.uk/

Being a friend doesn’t have to equal money. Other forms of support are equally valuable. Are you a local business looking to donate or participate in some fundraising? Do you have gardening tools and equipment that you could donate? Are you a local garden centre or garden business that can offer tools, time or talent? Even if you can keep your ears to the grapevine and bear us in mind if you hear of an opportunity that might help like land available or any of the above, it could all help. Whatever you can do, we thank you for joining as a friend. Friends of Down to Earth Leaflet 2021

Down to Earth Newsletter Sept21