Did you know that as a nation we only grow 40% of our own food (and only about 5% of the fruit sold in the UK)?! That means that we import the rest from all over the world. Down to Earth Stroud feel that it is about time more people were afforded the opportunity to regain control of their own food supply, especially with a looming oil crisis, an increasing population and the economic crisis that has left so many struggling financially!

There are around 23 million gardens in the UK, plus plenty of allotments and waste land which could be put to good use. Our Mission overall is to:

  • Increase access to, and availability of, fresh, nutritious and healthy food
  • Encourage re-connection with the land
  • Develop new knowledge, skills and understanding about healthy food
  • Work towards environmental benefit; reduce the use of fossil fuels and reduce food miles
  • Continually develop best practices in relation to a balanced and biodiverse environment
  • Support people in developing a range of growing and gardening-based self-employment opportunities

Amongst our many projects are the Fruit Exchange, the Stroud Community Seed Bank, the Selsley Community Growing Scheme and the Vale Community Hospital Allotment Scheme. You can read all about these here on our website and see our updates on our blog.

Here is a link to a short video filmed by Phillip Booth at our 2012 AGM, that may give you a little more insight of who we are and what we do (NB: In 2013 we changed from a Co-operative to a Community Interest Company) – http://stroudcommunity.tv/a-short-film-about-down-to-earth-cooperative/

Down to Earth (Stroud) Ltd. is a Community Interest Company. Registration No. 8836484. Find out what a Community Interest Company is here.


Projects and Businesses we support include:

Horsley Orchard Project

Oakridge School Allotment