On Sunday we ran our first seed saving workshop as part of the new Stroud Community Seed Bank, and we were delighted to find we’ve recruited a bunch of really lovely, enthusiastic people keen to become our first ‘seed guardians’. From complete beginners to those with several years experience, we were all able to learn and contribute as Jane talked us through the basics of plant reproduction, the interesting possibility of creating our own landrace of ‘Stroud Kale’, and the importance of fermented tomatoes.


Everyone is excited about this first experimental year of the seed bank, as we develop our practical skills and start producing our own locally grown seeds to swap and share. The tomatoes are already being potted on, and we have plans and dreams for peas, beans, lettuce and much much more…


Many thanks to Jane for sharing her knowledge and experience with good humour and patience, and to John and Gail for providing a great venue for the workshop.


As the first workshop was oversubscribed, we’re running a second one on Saturday 9th April, and it’s not too late to join us! Do get in touch if you’d like to know more about the seed bank or if you’re interested in becoming a seed guardian for the project.


Email Jessie – seedbank@downtoearthstroud.co.uk