Mature compost

Any seasoned vegetable grower will tell you that humus rich soil is vital for growing healthy crops, and the ability to produce one’s own compost is invaluable. By sharing the skills and the recipes for good composting we aim to enthuse people to have a go.

Our Composting project has been set up to demonstrate to members of the local community wishing to learn various methods of developing compost. It might seem hard to understand how and why composting works. Surely, it’s magic! But in fact, it’s simply about controlling a series of some of the most basic natural processes. These processes turn waste into the best fertilizer and soil amendment and are fairly easy to master once you know the basics.

Down to Earth Stroud’s Compost Creatives with two Master Composters on our team can provide advice, guidance and practical solutions to produce your own nutrient-rich compost in your garden or allotment.

We will also demonstrate how to overcome some of the barriers to home composting, such as preventing rats or slime.

For those wishing to invest in a compost bin or wormery, Gloucestershire County Council can provide advice on where they can be bought at a subsidised rate:

If, however home composting is not for you, your local council should have a food waste collection service. Stroud District Council has one which you can find out about on their website here.

Looking to read up on home composting? There is a great guide here on the DIY Garden website.