Hi folks

It’s been a while since we did a blog post, thought it might be about time we got back on it. We’ve been very busy over summer as one might expect. Lots of developments, a few events and of course as ever plenty of digging, planting and weeding up at Selsey.


Thank you Tim for taking these photographs



Selsley Update from Amanda –

We lost all of our tomatoes to blight this year – ok one week and by the next week, all lost! Lots of green tomato chutney being hurriedly made.

Now they’re out, we’re concentrating on digging over the ground as well as some more clearance on the new areas we’ve been lent. We’ve got some construction to do (revamp an old shed and build a potting shed next to it) so will probably start a Thursday group as soon as we can.


Coutesy of Freegle we’re now the proud users of a large garden table. Great to sit at for tea breaks and for the back breaking work of bagging up and labeling our saved seeds. We hope that within a couple of years we can be self sufficient in most things.


The Achocha vine is growing in the polytunnel and has fruits on it now. It’s a cross between a courgette and a cucumber and we think hails from South America. We’re growing it for seed for next year mostly, but hopefully we’ll get to try some of it too!

We’re in the process of redesigning our compost area. We’re creating larger bays and we’re moving the home composting demonstration area to Bisley Old Road allotments.


Last year we bought a mechanical riddler to grade the compost and we love using it.

Planning ahead for next year, we’re look at doing more successional planting so that we don’t have any gaps in food. We’ve spent a lot of time clearing land that hasn’t been used for 20 years and seem to be in a catch up situation when we should be sowing seeds.


The lovely thing about a community growing scheme (apart from the people!) is that things can develop over time, just like having your own allotment! You learn and grow, grow and learn. Just need some rain now!

Cashes Green hospital site – Applewood development open day
We were invited to the above event and took along some recycled plants, herbs and fruit shrubs as well as information about what we do.

Thanks go to Bryan and Lilly the dog for helping out on the day. It was a great success and we look forward to being able to support the residents if needed when the allotments are ready for use.