We’ve started a hedging and shrub nursery!

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We're collecting/accepting donations of unwanted shrubs and hedging materials - particularly saplings - that we're going to eventually sell or give away for a donation. The reason we're doing this is that a lot of commercial hedging, although promoted as native, is actually brought in from Holland. Our work includes being asked to create wildlife friendly [...]

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A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Down to Earth

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We hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas break and enjoyed celebrating the new year. At Down to Earth we always have a Christmas meal together and this year we met at the Selsley community growing scheme for a 'bring and share' Christmas meal. Quite a few volunteers braved the cold and wet to share a meal. [...]

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Selsley Summer

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We've been neglecting Selsley on this blog for a long time, but certainly not in the field! There's a lot been going on this summer thanks to our committed regular volunteers: Finally, we installed guttering onto the polytunnel so the rainwater in our container gets refreshed regularly now.  The frogs really appreciate it too! Our new [...]

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New Website and Selsley Update

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Welcome to our new website and blog! It's been running for a little while now so we would appreciate any feedback on how you like it, and if you've come across any problems, glitches using it. The last two months have been a very busy time for us. Aside from the increasing amount of gardening and [...]

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It's finally March and we gardeners try to encourage ourselves that it's springtime now! Well, a quick reality check assured us today that it's not quite the case yet! However all the wind and even snow was pleasantly off-set by some lovely sunshine and a brightly blossoming plum tree at Selsley today! Selsley's layout has been [...]

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End of Summer Update 2014

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Hi folks It's been a while since we did a blog post, thought it might be about time we got back on it. We've been very busy over summer as one might expect. Lots of developments, a few events and of course as ever plenty of digging, planting and weeding up at Selsey. Thank you Tim [...]

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