Stroud Life Business Awards double award winners!

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What a night! Last night at the Stroud Life Business Awards, we won not 1, but 2 awards!!! 🍾🏆🎉🌟 Amanda won Stroud District Ambassador of the Year! An award which "goes to an individual who gives up their own time to better the Stroud District." That could not be more true of Amanda or more well deserved. [...]

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Award for our contribution to the environment from Stroud Town Council

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We had a lovely evening at the Stroud Town Council annual awards last night, Wednesday 24th May, in which we won a Stroud Town award for our contribution to the environment. Amanda was very chuffed to receive the award and we are all very grateful to the council for everything they do. Congratulations to all the [...]

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Down to Earth Stroud Newsletter 2016

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Welcome to the Down to Earth Stroud newsletter for 2016. We had another very busy year with the launch of two fantastic new projects plus the growth and development of several others. Here’s a brief summary of some of our key moments and achievements from 2016. Please see our website for more details and photos and [...]

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Stroud Potato Day all set for 4th February 2017

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Celebrate the humble potato once again at the seventh annual Stroud Potato Day on Saturday 4th February 2017. Run in conjunction with Transition Stroud the Potato Day aims to encourage more people to grow their own food, starting with potatoes! A variety of seed potatoes will be available at competitive prices and can be bought in [...]

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We’ve started a hedging and shrub nursery!

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We're collecting/accepting donations of unwanted shrubs and hedging materials - particularly saplings - that we're going to eventually sell or give away for a donation. The reason we're doing this is that a lot of commercial hedging, although promoted as native, is actually brought in from Holland. Our work includes being asked to create wildlife friendly [...]

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Fruit Exchange Update

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Our Fruit Exchange is about to take off! From our experience of running a fruit project for three years, we know that there is a lot of surplus or unwanted fruit in gardens that could be used to encourage and support food outlets to use locally grown produce. As well as reducing food miles, we believe [...]

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Potato Day Update

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Remember our Potato Day back in February? The event didn't just help raise much-needed funds for Transition Stroud and Down to Earth Stroud but the leftover seed potatoes were donated (and kindly delivered by Amanda Godber) to two of the Councils' Sheltered Housing Schemes for their residents to grow. Below: Berkeley scheme manager Rebecca Woodward with [...]

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It's finally March and we gardeners try to encourage ourselves that it's springtime now! Well, a quick reality check assured us today that it's not quite the case yet! However all the wind and even snow was pleasantly off-set by some lovely sunshine and a brightly blossoming plum tree at Selsley today! Selsley's layout has been [...]

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Fruit Tree Sale at the Farmers Market again!

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Because many of you couldn't make it two weeks ago and because we have some trees left, we'll have a stall again this Saturday the 28th. We have mainly apples left in stock now but due to demand we'll order more trees within the next week. So if you are after something specific, get in touch [...]

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Fruit Tree Sale Success!

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On the 14th of February, you may have seen Down To Earth volunteers at the Farmer’s Market in Stroud, with an array of fruit trees and bushes for sale. This is a great time of year to be thinking about tree planting – and we are lucky enough that the ground isn’t frozen! We had a [...]

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