We’re collecting/accepting donations of unwanted shrubs and hedging materials – particularly saplings – that we’re going to eventually sell or give away for a donation. The reason we’re doing this is that a lot of commercial hedging, although promoted as native, is actually brought in from Holland.

Our work includes being asked to create wildlife friendly hedges, we did one recently specifically to attract birds. We always source our materials from local suppliers, and the plants we get are classed as British native hedging. However, on enquiry it seems that in many cases the plants are shipped in from Holland! So we decided to set up our own nursery, currently based at our community growing scheme in Selsley, to grow and distribute native British plants.

We often get asked where people can find British grown, native hedging, so hopefully in the future we will be able to tell them, from us!

This photo shows the start of our new (little) venture and we’d love to have more donations. Please get in contact if you have any.

Telephone: 01453 700011
Email: info@downtoearthstroud.co.uk

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