Our Fruit Exchange is about to take off!

From our experience of running a fruit project for three years, we know that there is a lot of surplus or unwanted fruit in gardens that could be used to encourage and support food outlets to use locally grown produce.

As well as reducing food miles, we believe that freshly harvested local food is the tastiest and most nutritious there is.

With our Fruit Exchange project we are aiming to help linking businesses with individuals and support the local food economy by signposting those with surplus or unwanted fruit from their garden to a local food outlet that can use their fruit. The donor then will be given a drinks voucher in exchange.

So if you’re a local cafe, restaurant or pub and you’d like to benefit from free local and fresh produce, or on the other hand, you have surplus fruit available in the coming season and you appreciate a free glass or pint at your local, watch this space as more details are coming soon!