We’ve been neglecting Selsley on this blog for a long time, but certainly not in the field!

There’s a lot been going on this summer thanks to our committed regular volunteers:

Finally, we installed guttering onto the polytunnel so the rainwater in our container gets refreshed regularly now.  The frogs really appreciate it too!

Our new pond is attracting a lot of wildlife, we’ve got pondskaters, water snails, dragonflies and damselflies now.

Wildlife unfortunately extends to deer too. Our friend pulls up beetroot and chews off runner bean leaves!cucmber

Luckily we can still harvest enough beetroot plus we have salads, broad beans despite the ever-present blackflies, onions, garlic and cucumbers at the moment, and our mirabelle plums are almost ready to harvest too!

We’ve had a bumper crop of mange tout this year, the rest of the seeds will be saved for next year.

We’ve also started saving chard and parsnip seeds. Beans from our seeds saved from last year are growing well.




Path mulch

We’ve been using clippings a lot to mulch our paths this year. We are trying to reduce the amount we burn and the result does look and often smell really nice!

Bryan is back with us and he is going to focus on construction work, including a new potting shed!

There’s been a lot happening in Selsley this season and we look forward  to some more improvements and a lot more fruit and veg coming!