Welcome to our new website and blog! It’s been running for a little while now so we would appreciate any feedback on how you like it, and if you’ve come across any problems, glitches using it.

The last two months have been a very busy time for us. Aside from the increasing amount of gardening and growing work at this time of year, our much awaited Gardening Assistance Scheme with Cheltenham Borough Homes has now taken off with work starting in the first 20 tenants’ garden.
We are keen to start projects in Cheltenham similar to the ones we have running in Stroud and would welcome any interest along the lines of local, organic food growing.

Selsley has gone through  small changes as well lately. It’s been a while since we updated on that so here’s what we’ve been up to:

For those who are new to what we do at Down to Earth Stroud, one of our projects is a community growing scheme in Selsley. It’s basically an allotment that neighbours and friends at Selsley very generously offered for us for food growing.
We grow vegetables, fruit and herbs organically, we have a small polytunnel and two little ponds too. Selsley acts as a hub for our projects as well as providing food for our volunteers who come to work every Monday.

Thanks to a regular committed group, the garden is in a fantastic shape!

Our onions and potatoes are doing very well in the new, long beds along with now 6 rows of broad beans:

The newly installed pond at the bottom has a small leak unfortunately so we’ll have some fun trying to sort it out in the next week or so!

We have simplified our composting area, which is now very productive. We have finished turning another batch that is now curing and at the moment we are sifting and spreading our oldest one.

If you are interested, feel free to come and see us at Selsley on Monday mornings, we welcome visitors!