Could you be a fruit warden and help save fruit and other fresh produce which would otherwise go to waste?

Could you spare a little time to be a fruit warden? This year we want to do even more to help use up unwanted fruit (and vegetables and nuts) across the Stroud District and across Gloucestershire.

The Fruit Exchange relies on people caring about waste enough to do something about it. We can all do our bit! We need fruit wardens to help us:

– Distribute posters and flyers (provided by us).
– Communicate with local pubs, cafes, restaurants and juice bars about taking part.
– Keep an eye out for fruit which is going to waste and communicate with the householder about the project.
– Try to enroll volunteers to help where necessary.
– Help with harvesting and/or delivering fruit for those who physically can’t.

How many of us have passed a plum, apple or pear tree laden with fruit, and then seen it fallen on the floor wasted the next week? How about this year, putting a flyer through their door about the Fruit Exchange? Or maybe you could you ask your local pub whether they would be willing to take part? Whether that’s all you can do or whether you can help out more often, we would love to have you on board! FE Poster 2019

No matter how much time you could spare, we need you! Because of the amount of fresh produce there is currently going to waste we need people to help within their local community, and do as little or as much as you can.

Are you a member of a local community group, a parish council, are you a village agent or are you already involved with any other volunteer groups in your local area? You could help just by putting up a poster, or adding a line about us to your newsletter.

We believe that if we can just get more people involved we will have a much better chance of success. Even just 1 person who could cover their local area and promote the project for us! We would love to have a network of fruit wardens for each area – ideally someone who lives locally who has an interest in reducing waste and getting local fruit used up.

If you’re interested in taking part in any way, please email:

We can send you posters and flyers and spend time helping you to become a fruit warden for Gloucestershire! If you are able to print it out yourself, you can also find a copy of our poster here.