At Down to Earth, we try to promote seed saving and seed sovereignty as one method of developing our food security for the future.

This year we have an even greater list of food plants available, many of which are from seeds we’ve saved ourselves. Over the next couple of years we hope to set up a seed saving scheme where ‘seed guardians’ save seeds towards securing our future.

These tomato plants are available free in exchange for a donation towards our work. They can be pre-ordered or available from our farmers market stall on April 25th.

Key: Organic (O), Heirloom (H), DtE saved seed (S)


Brief description



Greenhouse tomato with an extraordinary good taste. The bright red fruits are slightly heart-shaped,. The variety has low nutrient requirements, the taste is best when the plants are moderately fertilized.

O, H

Wild Golden Currant

Very vigorous plant, produces numerous small, sweet, yellow fruits

O, H

Pop – In

Fruit is red and plum-shaped, very prolific, sweet with a slight sharpness, and can be grown in a greenhouse or garden.

S, O, H

Large       Italian       Plum

One of the classic old continental tomatoes boasting the true taste of Italy. These tomatoes are particularly good for cooking because they are not over-juicy and you don’t need to reduce (i.e. boil) sauces too much – a process that inevitably removes subtlety of flavour.

S, O

Brandy Wine

Old variety from America with large, irregular shaped fleshy fruits.

S, O, H

Orange   Cherry

One of the best tasting, most prolific cherry tomatoes. Very, very flavourful.

S, O

Yellow Egg

It is the size and shape of a small egg, and very productive. This tomato does not split in the rain and has a non-acidic, mellow taste.

S, O, H

Money Maker

High yielding strong plants with medium sized round fruits.