This was the 8th Stroud Potato Day and the best so far!

We raised £608.80 in total on the day from the potato sale. Congrats to the team. This year there are hardly any tubers left over…

Our Stroud Community Seed Bank was also there on the day with packets of seeds locally saved. Nearly 400 packets of seeds were distributed over the two weekends including the weekend before at the farmers’ market. All those veg, flower and herb seeds are all on their way to new homes. We also raised £353.52 in donations! Of course it is not about the money (although it helps) it is about the generosity of those who visited us and the sheer delight in growing our own food and flowers from seed we have saved ourselves.

Below is a quick film from the day which really catches the buzz. Thank you to Phillip from Stroud Community TV for filming.

And everyone else who came and helped and wanted to but were too ill or needed to be somewhere else. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!


1st Early

International Kidney (Jersey Royal)
Lady Crystal
Maris Bard

2nd Early


Main Crop

Golden Wonder
King Edwards
Sarpo Mira


1.5 sacks: Charlotte
1 sack: Pink Fir Apple
0.5 sack of: Cara, Casablanca, Athlete, Nadine, Vivaldi, Mozart
2 x 3kg bags (0.25 sack) of: Aran Pilot, Violet Queen and Blue Danube

In total we had 23 varieties of potatoes on offer.

Thank you once again to Dundry Nurseries who supply us with potatoes every year. They have supported us so well over the past 8 years.

Thank you again and SEE YOU NEXT YEAR, we always hold Stroud Potato Day on the 1st Saturday in February which is – 2nd February 2019!!