Isotope Chillies – Liam Lansdown Interview

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  At Down to Earth, we’re always interested in innovative growers who take it upon themselves to save seeds that go beyond the mainstream. The fruit and vegetables in our supermarkets have become all the more homogenised, and nutritious food often arrives with 100s of air miles too. As a result, we like to look closer [...]

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From Dream to Reality: How to Start and Monetize a Small Farm

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From Dream to Reality: How to Start and Monetize a Small Farm Starting a small farm is not an easy task, but it can be a rewarding experience. With the right knowledge and preparation, anyone can turn their dream of owning a small farm into reality. In this blog post, Down to Earth Stroud [...]

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Selsley Growing scheme June update

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Such a lovely place to work and a really friendly group of people.The plots are really looking green and interesting now with so many of the crops we’ve plantedcoming into fruit. Potatoes flowering, beans and peas coming along nicely, parsnips, leeks, onions, garlic to name a few.               Even the [...]

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June 2022 price increases

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As you will no doubt be aware, prices are rising for many goods and services at the moment. This is affecting Down to Earth and the services we offer. So that we can continue to offer the same range of services and cover our costs, we have no choice but to raise fees for private gardening [...]

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Selsley Growing Scheme update April 22

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Blog 4 - Selsley Community Growing Scheme April This week was Ruth’s last for a while as she is going off to sunnier climes for a few months. Good job she’s got the hat for it! We wish her well and look forward to hearing all about her adventures when she gets back. In her place [...]

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Creating and sustaining and thriving garden

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This was put together by a local aspiring gardener and blogger. We understand they also have quite the menagerie at home on their mini farm too. We're keen to support and promote local writer to help people to get their green fingers going. For more info: http://thespencersadventures.net/ A Quick Guide to Creating and Sustaining a Thriving [...]

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Selsley Growing Scheme updates

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It has been cold but no rain which makes the gardening enjoyable and keeps us moving to stay warm. The various plots have been dug over and prepared and the compost sorted and put into bags ready to put out on the beds when needed. We have 6 compost piles which take a lot of heavy [...]

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Permaculture intro course

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On the 5th and 6th February Emily from Muck and Magic will be running a two day intro to Permaculture course. The Course is in Pagan Hill at the Octagon. Priced at £120.00 Permaculture is the the practice of land management and settlement design that adopts a natural, whole systems approach. More details on this wiki [...]

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Seedbank 2022

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Seedbank workshops being held soon. Reserve your place before they all go. Throughout May and again in September our amazing seed savers are running small, personal workshops to help you to save seed and help provide food security for all. Details on the attached poster. For more info and to book, contact Jane at: johnbrown@cooptel.net    [...]

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We’re recruiting

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Down to earth is a Gloucestershire wide not for profit Community Interest Company. We (amongst other things) aim to: encourage re-connection with the land, increase access to and availability of, fresh, nutritious and healthy food, and support people in developing a range of growing and gardening based self-employed opportunities. We are looking for an experienced gardener [...]

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