2018 Stroud Potato Day another great success!

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This was the 8th Stroud Potato Day and the best so far! We raised £608.80 in total on the day from the potato sale. Congrats to the team. This year there are hardly any tubers left over... Our Stroud Community Seed Bank was also there on the day with packets of seeds locally saved. Nearly 400 [...]

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Seed Bank trip to Heritage Seed Library

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boxes of seeds in the temperature and humidity controlled seed store room at HSL In the heatwave at the end of July, nine members of the Stroud Community Seed Bank set off on an expedition to the national Heritage Seed Library at Garden Organic near Coventry. We spent a couple of hours touring the [...]

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The Fruit Exchange 2016 – participating businesses

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Now in its second year, The Fruit Exchange did so well in 2015 that we hope it will be even bigger and better in 2016. If you have any surplus produce, here is the list of participating businesses who might want it. Please contact them and arrange the exchange. If you cannot find a business near you please [...]

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Spring Garden Event 2014

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Even though the sun kept away on Saturday, we still had a great day with lots of visitors. Thank you to Ellen Winter from Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust around Stroud for taking a few pictures of the stalls before things got busy. . Down to Earth's stall . On our stall we had available 4 [...]

Selsley Update and Annual Spring Garden Event

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Selsley Update from Amanda: We've been given access to a bit more land up at Selsley and over the winter, we've been clearing brambles and bay willow herb. Some of our recycled ornamental plants have been put in along the wall to give it some colour. This additional land gives us more much needed space to [...]

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February Events

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Saturday 1st February, 10am - 3pm is our annual POTATO DAY at the Merrywalks shopping centre, in partnership with Transition Stroud. Come along and buy your tubers, ask questions, and try some potato cake All tubers once again provided by Dundry Nurseries - www.dundrynurseries.co.uk Varieties available will include: 1st Earlies: SWIFT, INTERNATIONAL KIDNEY, CASABLANCA, ROCKET, ARAN PILOT, COLLEEN [...]

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Our Local Fruit Project Product List

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Down to Earth has achieved so much with this project over the past couple of years. The list of products is fantastic and just goes to show the abundance of fruit there is within our district. A large proportion  of  work done on this project is carried out by volunteers, we hope this will change as [...]

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Water collection at Selsley allotments

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By Fred . Water harvesting is invaluable, and winter is a good time to monitor a new system and assess how successful/workable it it. If you are harvesting rain that falls in the summer, you can help yourself through the dry July's and Augusts. . This is a rain water collection system made from materials that were found [...]

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Stroud Apple Town – by Robin Collins

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One Day you were planted: Who saw you grow? Whose hands were first to pick your fruits? And you grew, many springtimes sparkled through your boughs, where your blossoms floated; many summers where your fruit, ripened with the sun high over Stroud. Apple those beauty surely spanned two-world wars, standing like a handsome woman, with her [...]

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