Water collection at Selsley allotments

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By Fred . Water harvesting is invaluable, and winter is a good time to monitor a new system and assess how successful/workable it it. If you are harvesting rain that falls in the summer, you can help yourself through the dry July's and Augusts. . This is a rain water collection system made from materials that were found [...]

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Stroud Apple Town – by Robin Collins

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One Day you were planted: Who saw you grow? Whose hands were first to pick your fruits? And you grew, many springtimes sparkled through your boughs, where your blossoms floated; many summers where your fruit, ripened with the sun high over Stroud. Apple those beauty surely spanned two-world wars, standing like a handsome woman, with her [...]

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CCN course for Local Food Groups

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Amanda is teaching a Community Composting for Local Food Groups course with the Community Composting Network in Nov/Dec The course will be running for 3 Fridays - Nov 22nd, 29th, Dec 6th and is being held at Cheltenham Community Composting site, Well Close House, Lansdown Parade, GL50 2LH More details about the course fee can be [...]

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What do we promise – by Robin Collins

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. I did not know, this old apple tree, existed until today, tucked away down Belle Vue Road, with Swifts Hill in sight. The old apple has, a cheerful blue banner, hung from its branches: Save The Apple Tree. and I can see, the hastily put together, platform wedged, in its crown. People are gathered, on [...]

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Apple Tree Protest, Abercairn, Belle Vue Road

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Many of you will have heard of the Apple tree Protest in Stroud recently being as it was all over the local and regional news. Sadly the beautiful heritage bramley apple tree that occupied that spot in Belle Vue Road for over 75 years and also stood over a very impressive badger sett is no longer. [...]

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Fruit and Seeds update

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from Amanda -Harvesting for our 'Keeping it Local' Fruit project is really picking up pace now. We've been lucky enough to be given plums, mirabellas, gooseberries, apples, figs, pears, and green tomatoes. Our first products have been made and are bagged up waiting to be labelled, ready for launch at Winterfest. The project is spreading it's [...]

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A great Summer up at Selsley

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It's been great up at Selsley these past Summer months. Our community allotment has really come into its own, and we were proud to show it off at the Edible Open Gardens in July. To think not so very long ago it was covered in scrub and bramble and now its full with wonderful food. . [...]

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Compost Creatives

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Here is a piece about our new Composting Creatives project Written by Fred On Monday mornings, as well as gardening at Selsley allotment gardens, we get involved in composting. The compost project at Selsley is ready to ask people for their kitchen waste. We are inviting people to give their waste, and will show how they [...]

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Saving seed in Stroud

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Hi. Our blog has been taken a bit of a backseat lately with everyone being so busy busy with other things but from here on in we hope to have a few more regular pieces for you all. Down to Earth has been progressing at quite a rate this year and has gone through some interesting [...]

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The fruit season is here at last. If you have any surplus or unwanted fruit or nuts, Down to Earth would love to put them to good use in their local food project where they can be turned into sauces, leathers and dried fruit. 'Last year we officially launched this exciting project and even though the [...]

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