It has been cold but no rain which makes the gardening enjoyable and keeps us moving to stay warm. The various plots have been dug over and prepared and the compost sorted and put into bags ready to put out on the beds when needed. We have 6 compost piles which take a lot of heavy maintenance but it is rewarding to be able to keep the beds well fed.

A new person came to join us this week so we weeded and tidied one of the plots around the celery. Ruth prepared the poly-tunnel ready for planting beans and Jane did some more work on the hedging. Cath put more fir needles on the pathways and Steve sorted the compost.

A welcome break around the fire at 11.00 and a chat about how things are going and then back to work til 1.00. All in all a good mornings work. If you would like to help out at Selsley and join a team doing great things, drop us a line to info

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