There is a bacterium in soil called Mycobacterium Vaccae that when ingested and breathed in increases Serotonin! Increased Serotonin not only decreases anxiety making people happier it also makes people (and animals actually) smarter. So the kids are onto something when they’re eating the dirt? (Dogs too) It’s great that a lot of schools over recent years have increased outdoor learning; many Schools have gardens these days where the kids may learn hands on biology and have a go at growing. Down to Earth would love for kids to be more involved in projects. Parents are welcome to bring their children with them when they come and see us/work with us. There may be some instances where it’s not appropriate so perhaps checking via a phonecall first would be best – 01453 700 011

Anyone interested in increasing their IQ and decreasing their stress levels would be most welcome to join us up at Selsley on a Monday morning for a bit of soil therapy. Give us a callto find out more