So the New Year has begun and its back to business for Down to Earth. We’re really excited about the projects we are getting going this year and hope more people will join us along the way.

Stroud Potato Day – 

We’re joining forces with Transition Stroud to bring to the community another Stroud Potato day on Saturday February 4th. We hope you will pop by and see us, pick up some potatoes and tips. More information and updates about this event can be found on the Stroud Potato Day blogspot

Fruit and Nut Tree Guardianship Scheme –

Our Fruit and Nut tree guardianship scheme is all set to launch this year which we are very excited about.

Did you know that a whopping 95% of fruit sold in this country is imported?! Doesn’t that seem a quite crazy amount?! Such a system is not only environmentally destructive but vulnerable to many global events. We are no longer in control of our food supply and this needs to change. Down to Earth has done a good deal of research on the subject of utilising fruits and nuts within the Community and we are confident that we need not be so reliant on these imports after all. We just need to be a bit more organised to make the most of our resources!

So how does our Fruit and Nut Tree Guardianship scheme work?
Well we recruit households with trees and bushes in need of our yearly care and expertise. When the crop arrives we will also sort out the business of  harvesting it and what we ask in return for all our efforts is a percentage of the produce which we will then sell on to the Community. Everyone’s a winner! Individuals get healthy trees and bushes that produce good fruit that they can enjoy, the community gets to enjoy more local produce and support more sustainable food sources and Down to Earth has the money to keep this project going and perhaps even fund more.

So how will we sell the Fruit?
We have spoken to local shops and businesses and many are interested in buying the produce from the scheme. At the end of last year we invested in a dehydrating machine so that we can sell dried packaged fruit and fruit leathers. We also have individuals and businesses interested in helping us produce Chutneys, Jams and Wines etc…. So watch this space folks!