It’s slowly coming together now. We’ve just planted some blackcurrants, wild garlic, wild and climbing roses (petals are lovely in a salad), very small lavenders, foxgloves (not to eat, but the pollinators love them) and the Jerusalem artichokes have just started to show. With some of the money we raised at the Spring Gardening Event, we’ve got some raised beds and when we’ve finished digging the vegetable plot, we can start to put them in place. Freds fence is fabulous – really rustic and once the roses start to grow along it I’m sure it will be beautiful.

We love the sense of community here, people walking by stop to have a chat. Everyone has said that it’s good to see the site returned to what it used to be. All we need now is a group of people who want to share a community growing space! If you’re interested in what we’re doing here and want to be involved please give us a call on 01453 700 011 or e-mail us at